Terms of use

1. Comply With Membership Rules And Legal Regulations

You understand that after you register as a member, you can use the services (hereinafter referred to as this service) provided by Slot Bet. When members use this service, it means that in addition to agreeing to abide by these terms of service, it also agrees to accept Slot Bet’s restrictions on membership regulations (including various game rules, ball game betting rules, announcements and precautions, etc.) and related laws and regulations. All Slot Bet products and customer service, software systems, network architecture and other related business matters are all legal online entertainment companies authorized and supervised by The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority of the Philippine government. Members who use this service should abide by the user’s local laws and regulations, any violation will not be the responsibility of this service.

2. Service Introduction

Slot Bet aims to create a high-quality entertainment service platform that is “Safe and Reliable”, “Instant Convenience”, “Fair and Just”, and “Professional Operation”. Emphasize that members are not restricted by time and space, 7*24 hours online at any time, you can not only participate in a fair and just game but also enjoy the fun of playing with players all over the world. We uphold the customer-oriented attitude, continuous development, innovation and understanding that customer needs are the company’s proud business philosophy. Looking forward to create a brand-new entertainment value and achieve the goal of multi-party popularization, and become a leading indicator of entertainment website.

3. Real Login Obligation

Based on the various services provided by Slot Bet, you agree to log in your correct, true and complete personal information in accordance with the items prompted in the registration application procedure during registration; when your personal information changes, please update it immediately to maintain the correctness, truthfulness and completeness of your personal information. If you infringe on the rights of others or violate the law because you log in false information or fraudulently use other people’s names, you shall bear legal responsibility; you also agree that if the personal information you provided is false or the personal information has changed but has not been updated so that it does not match the original login information, Slot Bet has the right to terminate your membership and the right to use various membership services at any time.

4. Service Suspension or Change

1.Membership login information is false.
2.Apply for this service in the name of another person.
3.Violation of game fairness.
4.When participating in games or competitions, deliberately delving into system loopholes or exploiting game weaknesses to influence the results.
5.Violation of these terms of service.
6.This site does not allow unfair wager methods, double-sided wager, risk-free wager and any risk-free unfreezing wager methods. If there are players who find the above problems, this site has the right to terminate the use of player accounts. In case of any disputes, this site has the final decision. Regardless of the circumstances, the service is not responsible or liable to any member or third party for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may be caused by stopping or changing the service or terminating the member account service.
7.All promotions on this site are specially designed for players. If any group or individual is found to claim bonuses dishonestly or any threats, abuse of company promotions, etc., the company reserves the right to freeze or cancel the group or individual account and account balance .
8.This site does not allow members to have multiple accounts or use different accounts with the same IP, etc. This site has the right to freeze member accounts and recover profits, without refunding the principal, and member accounts will be permanently frozen. This site has the final right of explanation. Regardless of the circumstances, the service is not responsible or liable to any member or third party for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may be caused by stopping or changing the service or terminating the member account service.
9.All promotions on this site are specially designed for players. To avoid differences in text understanding, if there is any change in the activity, the company reserves the right to modify the suspension or cancellation of promotional activities at any time.

5. Service Suspension or Interruption
(1) This site may suspend or interrupt all or part of this service in one of the following situations, and will not bear any liability for compensation to the user:
When migrating, replacing or maintaining system equipment related to this service.
Service suspension or interruption caused by this site is not attributable to this site.
Service suspension or interruption caused by force majeure.
(2) If it is necessary to suspend or interrupt all or one of the services due to the migration, replacement or maintenance of the related system equipment of this site, this site will notify by email or announce on this site before the suspension or interruption.
(3) For the suspension or interruption of this service, it may cause inconvenience to your use, loss of data, or other economic and time losses, you should usually take appropriate protective measures to protect your rights.

6. Custody

Each member is solely responsible for keeping his / her own account number and password secure, and is responsible for all activities performed after logging in to the system for this account number and password. In order to protect the rights and interests of members, please do not disclose or provide the account number and password to a third party, or lend it or transfer it to others.

7. Agree To Various Ball Games And The Rules Of The Game

In order to avoid disputes when users wager on ball games or games on this platform, various rules are explained in detail in the game center and the ball game center, please ensure to read the rules set by this service in detail. Once a member starts using this service, it is deemed to have accepted all the rules.

8. Updates And Modifications To Membership Regulations

If these terms of service are updated or modified, you agree to be bound by them from the time the revised terms are announced on this site, and this site will not notify members individually. If you continue to use this service after the announcement, you are deemed to have agreed to the revised terms.

9. Privacy

We are committed to protecting privacy for our customers and providing the most secure gaming platform, the information we collect on this site will provide you with the best service, we will not sell or rent your personal data to third parties, the personal information provided by the customer is processed by SSL128 encryption technology and stored in a secure, non-public operating system. For assisting partners who have the opportunity to access the personal data of customers, they must also comply with the privacy and confidentiality rules set by us.

10. Disclaimer:

The laws of some regions or countries have not clearly defined the legality of online gambling yet, and even some regions or countries have clearly regulated online gambling as illegal. We do not intend to invite anyone to use this service platform illegally in these regions or countries. The user must determine whether it is legal to use online gambling in the region or country where you live and take full responsibility. Members who use this service should abide by the user’s local laws and regulations, any violation of this service will not be the responsibility of the company.

11. Unscrupulous Registered Member Out Of Service

1.In order to prevent people with bad intention from using this casino as a fraud tool, such as using this casino for any money laundering fraud, this platform has the right to terminate the membership service permanentlywithout prior notice.
2.Recently, some unscrupulous registered members fraudulently used the company name and platform deposit system to commit fraud! Seriously affect the company’s reputation. The company hereby solemnly declares that for similar illegal acts, the company will fully cooperate and provide law enforcement agencies with detailed information on the IP address of the suspect. Please take care of yourself and do not try the law.